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Export data from Legrand Cloud CRM to Excel

In Legrand Cloud CRM, you can easily export data into Excel. 

Before you export data, ensure you have the correct user permissions. Account owners and managers have full user permissions to export data. A user with a ‘Standard’ role requires a manager to edit the permissions in the user settings. 

Click on the settings icon and select ‘Users’ to manage roles and permissions. 

Click ‘Manage’ to view and edit the permissions for a user with a ‘Standard’ role.

Tick the box next to ‘Export Companies & Contacts to CSV file’ then click ‘Save’.

Go to the relevant module and use the filters to specify the parameters for the data you would like to export. Click ‘Advanced Search’ to define multiple parameters.

Add as many fields or tags to specify your search condition. Click ‘Save’ to save the advanced search query and click ‘Execute’ to perform the search. 

Once you execute the search query, click ‘Export’ to export the list of company records that match the search conditions.

Updated on 12 June 2024
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