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How to quick create an activity note

Click on the blue icon in the modules menu.

Select ‘Create Quick Note’.

Enter a summary of the activity in the title.

Enter information about the activity in the ‘Info…’ section.

  1. When: Legrand Cloud CRM automatically enters the current date and time. If necessary, you can change the date and time.
  2. With: Click the link to select the contact related to the activity.
  3. Type: Select an activity type such as a phone call, email, meeting etc. The ‘Type’ field is configurable. Click on the green icon to define activity types relevant to your business.
  4. By: The team member who performed the activity. By default, your user name is selected. Click the drop-down to choose a different user.
  5. Activity Note Tags (Optional): Use Activity Note Tags to sort notes into categories. For example, you can create a new tag called ‘high-priority’ and add it to important activity notes. In the Reporting module, you can filter activity notes by tags.

Optional: Click to expand the ‘More Info…’ panel and enter additional information such as the status or outcome. Note that the drop-down fields are configurable. Click the green icon to define the drop-down list items.

You can also link a sales opportunity related to the activity. Click the link ‘Click here to select…’ and select the opportunity.

Optional: Enter additional information about the activity in the section provided.

Optional: Click ‘Attach File’ to link any documents related to the activity. To add images in the description, click ‘Insert Picture’ and upload the file(s).

Click ‘Save’ once you finish.

Updated on 21 August 2023

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