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How to set up and define connection for Outlook

Set Up Legrand Outlook Add-In for Legrand Cloud CRM:

After you install the Legrand Outlook Add-In, go to your Outlook Account to set it up. On the right hand side of your Outlook screen, click on the Legrand CRM tab then click ‘Connect’

Click ‘Select’ in the ‘Sign in’ screen to define a new connection or select an existing one you have set up. After you selected your connection, use your Legrand CRM credentials to login. 

Note: Use the same Login Email and Password from your Legrand Cloud CRM User Account to link the Legrand CRM Outlook Add-In.

Define Connection for Legrand Cloud CRM:

To define a new connection, click on ‘Select’

In the ‘Connection List’ window, click on ‘Add New’

In the ‘Add New Connection’ window, select ‘Legrand Cloud CRM’ as the connection type. The details required for each connection type will vary. For the ‘Legrand Cloud CRM’ connection type, enter in the Connection Name, Account Number and Login Email. After you fill in the required fields, click ‘Save’. 

  • Connection Name: The Connection Name is displayed in the top right corner when you log into Legrand Cloud CRM.
  • Account Number: The 5 digit number that is displayed when you log into your Cloud CRM database (#####). You can find it in the top right corner next to the settings icon. 
  • Login Email: The email you use to login to your Legrand Cloud CRM database.

After you define and save your connection, simply select the connection from the ‘Connection List’ and sign in by using the same details you use when you log into Legrand Cloud CRM. 

Updated on 2 November 2022

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