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How to set up Outlook Calendar Sync

Legrand CRM enables you to import your Outlook Calendar appointments into your Legrand Cloud CRM Calendar. Alternatively, you can also export your Legrand CRM appointments back into your Outlook Calendar. Legrand’s Calendar offers features to help you effectively track and manage your team’s priorities. Therefore, we recommend you to schedule your appointments in Legrand Cloud CRM, and then sync it to your Outlook Calendar. 

To sync your Outlook and Legrand CRM Calendar appointments, click on the settings icon then click on ‘Calendar Settings’

Select your Outlook Calendar and define your Sync Settings. If you select Automatic, you can decide on whether you want to automatically sync your Calendar appointments every 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Alternatively, the Legrand Outlook Add-In enables you to sync your Calendar manually as well. After you select Manual under Sync Settings, click ‘Save’. Once you have set up the manual sync settings, you can sync your calendar by clicking on the settings icon then selecting ‘Manual Calendar Sync’.

A pop-up message will appear to confirm that the calendar has been successfully synced. 

All your Outlook appointments within the sync range will be transferred to Legrand CRM. If you have private appointments that you wish to keep out of Legrand CRM, you should keep them in a separate Outlook calendar. 

Updated on 12 June 2024
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