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How to record an opportunity

Legrand Cloud CRM enables you to record Opportunities in multiple ways. To record a new opportunity in the Opportunities module, click on the icon in the top right corner. 

Enter the opportunity details below and click ‘Save’.

Summary: Summary of the sales opportunity. 

Contact: Select the contact associated with the opportunity. 

Company: The company associated with the opportunity.

Manager: Assign a team member responsible for the opportunity.

Category: Define which product or service the opportunity is for. Click on the green icon to populate the drop-down list values.

Territory: Select a territory location where the opportunity has opened. 

Value: Estimate the value of the opportunity. This can be used in your own sales forecast and reporting.

Probability: The percentage likelihood of converting the opportunity into a sale.

Estimated Close: Estimate the date you expect to close the opportunity. This can be used for sales forecasting.

Forecast: Sales managers can decide whether to forecast an opportunity or not.

Next action: Plan your next follow up action.

From the Companies module, navigate to the quick access toolbar and click on the icon shown.

From the Contacts module, navigate to the quick access toolbar on the right to record an opportunity or click on ‘Opportunity’ in the Create New’ menu.

Updated on 5 December 2022

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