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How to create a task

Within an opportunity record, you can create tasks related to the opportunity. For example, you can create a follow-up task to gain additional information from the prospect and further qualify the lead.

Enter the task details into the form and click ‘Save’. You can set a due date, define the task type, assign the task to a team member, set the priority and add a task description in the text field below. Once you complete the task, tick the checkbox ‘Is Closed’ and save the record.

The drop-down fields are configurable to suit your business needs. For example, the task type can be a phone call, follow-up email or a simple “To-Do” action. Click on the green icon to edit the drop-down list values. You can add a new value, edit, delete, set it as inactive or set a default value.

Legrand Cloud CRM displays a detailed view of all tasks related to the opportunity at the bottom of the record. Click on the notepad icon to edit the task or click on the red icon to delete the task.

Updated on 12 June 2024
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