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How to add custom opportunity fields

When you select an opportunity record, you can add custom fields in the ‘Details’ section to store additional information and configure the screen layout to suit your preferences.

Go to the Opportunities module and select any record. Navigate to the ‘Details’ section and select ‘Click here’.

In the configuration screen, use the drop-down to select the number of columns.

Click and drag the blue icon left or right to change the column width.

Use the plus (+) icon to add custom fields in any column.

Select a ‘Field Type’ and enter a field caption. You can use a text box, number, date, checkbox and drop-down field.

Click ‘Save’ once you are done.

Once you add a custom field, use the drop-down selection to specify the label width.

Use the icons as shown to delete the field or edit the caption.

Once you finish, click ‘Back’ to view your changes.

In the opportunity record, click ‘Edit’ to enter data in the custom field.

Updated on 29 September 2023

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