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How to add a job template

Using Job templates is efficient when you have recurring jobs with the same tasks. To create a job template, go to the Jobs module screen. In the Jobs module, click ‘ADD’ then select ‘Add New Job Template’ in the drop-down. 

In the ‘Add New Job Template’ window, fill in the form and click ‘Save’.

The drop-down list values can be configured so that it is relevant to your business. Simply click on the green icon to define the job template type. For example, job types could be ‘monthly payroll’ or ‘server backup checks’ etc.

Using Job Templates

After you save a job template, navigate back to the Jobs module main screen and select the filter ‘Showing: Templates’ to view the job template. In this screen view, you can add job tasks to the template. Simply navigate to the ‘Tasks’ panel and click on the green icon as shown. 

In the ‘Add Task’ pop-up window, enter in the task details and click ‘Save’.

Updated on 2 November 2022

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