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How to add a job

In the Jobs module, click on ‘ADD’ in the top-left corner of the screen or use the arrow to select ‘Add New Job’.

In the ‘Add New Job’ window, you can select an optional job template to record a new job. Define the job type using the configurable drop-down list and type in a job summary. If the Job is for a client, you can link the contact record in the field ‘For Client’. After you link a client, assign a responsible manager to the job. Set the Job’s due date and enter a description of the job. The budget information and recurring feature is optional. Simply select either option if you are charging a flat fee or hourly rate for your services. You can set the job as ‘recurring’ for jobs that occur on a regular basis. For the ‘Task List’, you can assign a different team member to be responsible for each of the job’s tasks. Once you fill in the form click Save’ to create the record. 

Note: Recurring jobs can only be set when you create a new job and select an existing job template. Once you create a new job or open an existing job template, select ‘Is Recurring Job’, and set the recurrence schedule. 

Note: If you are not using a job template, you need to create tasks after you create a new job record. 

Add, Edit, or Close Job Task

Once you create a job record, you can add a schedule, record time spent, tasks, activity notes and store job-related documents. Simply expand the tabs and click on the green icon to record a job activity. To record job tasks, navigate to the ‘Tasks’ panel and click on the green icon. After you have completed a job task, click on the notepad icon to edit and close off a task. The job’s progress bar will update after you close a task. After you completed all job tasks, the job record will be marked as completed and can be viewed when you select the filter ‘Showing: Completed’. 

Updated on 2 November 2022

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