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Employees & Contractors

Employees and Contractors (aka Consultants, 1099 Contractors, 1099 Vendors) are people who you can track and assign work to, without giving them a CRM login account. 


Contractor is someone who already exists in your CRM database as a contact record. Any existing contact in your CRM database can be assigned a Contractor status. 

In addition to recording activity notes, emails and all other CRM activity associated with a contact, a contractor will also appear in the User drop-down lists so you can assign Jobs, Job Tasks and Time Cards to them. 

To assign a contract as a contractor, go to the administration panel in Legrand Cloud CRM. Under ‘Account’, click on ‘Users’

Select the drop-down arrow and click ‘Select Existing Contact as Contractor’

In the search pop-up, type in a company name or contact name and select the contact you want to assign as a contractor. Once you add the contractor, you can assign jobs, record activity notes, send emails and perform other CRM activities with the contractor. 


An Employee does not exist as a contact in the CRM database. As a result, they cannot be used to perform normal CRM activity. Instead they are simply a user record with no login access. You can assign jobs, Job tasks and Time Cards to them. The main purpose of this is for reporting. 

To add a new employee, click on ‘Add New Employee’. In the pop-up window, type in the employee’s first name, last name and email. Click save

Click ‘Save’ to create this employee.

Updated on 12 June 2024
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