• How to delete duplicate tags

    Before you delete the duplicate tag, we recommend you rename one of the tags to distinguish them and ensure no records are in the list. 1. Rename the duplicate tag Select a company or contact (preferably without a tag) and click ‘Add/Remove Tags’. NOTE: Tags in the Companies module are…

  • How to delete a contact

    We do not recommend deleting contact records as they store activities, tasks, appointments, opportunities, documents etc. If a contact left a company, we recommend setting them as ‘Inactive’. Click here to find out how to set contacts as ‘Inactive’. If you have duplicate contacts, you can merge the two records….

  • How to set contacts as inactive

    If a contact leaves a company, you can set them as ‘Inactive’. Go to the ‘Contacts’ module to select the contact and click ‘Edit’. Click on the ‘Inactive’ checkbox and save. If you go back to the main contacts screen, you can find a list of all inactive contacts.

  • How to edit tags

    Go to any contact without a tag and select ‘Add/Remove Tags’. Click on the edit icon next to the available tag. Enter a name and click ‘Save’. Once you edit the tag, click ‘Save’ again to exit.

  • How to import data from a CSV file into custom fields

    Whether you used a previous system or spreadsheets, you can easily import customer data from a CSV file into Legrand Cloud CRM. When you import data, you can map the column headings in your CSV file to Legrand Cloud CRM’s company and contact fields. This article covers importing data from…

  • How to change timezone and calendar settings

    The Cloud CRM system usually detects the correct time zone from your machine’s settings and the browser you use to access it. However, if the time zone is incorrect, you can manually change it in the settings menu. Click on the settings icon next to your user name and select…

  • How to suspend or reactive users

    If you are the account owner or manager, click on the settings icon and select ‘Users’ to suspend or reactive user accounts. How to Suspend User Accounts Under the list of ‘People with CRM login’, identify the user account. Go to the ‘Action’ column and click ‘Suspend’. The user will…