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How to create email templates

Email templates are an efficient way to manage repetitive emails. In Legrand Cloud CRM, you can create and save email templates for future use. For example, you can use email templates for order confirmations, thank you emails, renewal reminders and many more.

NOTE: Ensure you have set up your email configuration settings to send emails directly to contacts from your CRM. To do so, click on the settings icon and select ‘Email Configuration’.

How to create an email template:

Navigate to the Contacts module and select ‘More options’. Click on ‘Edit Email Template’ and use the merge codes to create your email template. The merge codes enable you to tailor emails using data stored in your CRM.

Enter a name and description for the email template. Use the drop-down bar to select a data field and click ‘Insert selected Email Merge Code’. For example, you can include the Contact Name, Accounting ID, business address and more.

Click ‘Save Template’ once you format and complete the template.

Updated on 30 December 2022

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