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Add, edit, delete a contact

In Legrand Cloud CRM Contacts are the people you do business with who can be linked to a company within Legrand Cloud CRM. Within Legrand Online there are a number of ways that you can add new contacts.

Add a Contact from the Contact Search Screen

1. Click on the + sign on the right hand of the page.

2. You can now start adding the details for your contact. The First name and Last name are mandatory fields. You have the option of assigning the contact as Inactive or Primary. There is also the option of including a personal address in addition to  a company address. 

3. Save your changes

Add a Contact when another Contact Record is Open

When you create a contact from within another contact, the company details will be automatically attached to the new contact. 

1. Select Create New

2. Company details will be automatically populated to be the same as the contact screen you are in however you can change this company information if required.

Edit a contact

You can edit a contact from the contact details screen. 

1. Select Edit, make your changes and select save.

Updated on 7 September 2022

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