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How to Create a Company

Creating a New Company

Click on the plus icon to record a new Company record in Legrand Cloud CRM. 

Enter the company details such as Company Name, Type, Industry, Phone Numbers, Website URL, Addresses, Location and Contact Information. You can also link an existing company record or parent company to the new company record.

The drop-down fields are configurable to fit your business needs. Click on the green icon to populate the drop-down list. You can define as many values as you need. Click SAVE’ once you enter the company information.

NOTE: When you record a new company, you can also add a primary contact for the account. However, company information and detailed contact information are stored in separate modules. 

Editing a Company

Navigate to the company record and click ‘Edit’.

Make any changes to the company record and click Save’

Editing Company Notes

Go to the ‘Company Notes’ tab and click on the icon shown to edit notes.

Edit activity notes, calendar events and tasks

Legrand CRM enables you to edit Activity Notes, Calendar Events or Tasks within a company record. Click on the CRM record via the quick access tabs or the notepad icons displayed at the bottom of the module.

Updated on 2 November 2022

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