Integration with Xero

Our accounting integration with Xero provides your team with greater accessibility to account information such as the customer’s purchase history in one place. In Legrand Cloud CRM, you can perform the following functions:

  1. Import Xero Customers into Legrand Cloud CRM
  2. Import Xero Suppliers (Selected) into Legrand Cloud CRM
  3. Import Customer’s Sales Transactions into Legrand Cloud CRM
  4. Create a new customer record in Xero
  5. Open a customer record in Xero

How to connect Legrand Cloud CRM with Xero

Click the settings icon and select ‘Accounting Link’.

Click on the ‘Accounting Application’ drop-down and select ‘Xero’. Click ‘Save’ then select ‘Connect to XERO’.

Legrand Cloud CRM will direct you to a new tab prompting you for your Xero Login Details. Enter your Xero account login details to sign in and verify the connection. 

Click ‘Allow Access’.

Congratulations! Legrand Cloud CRM and Xero are now connected! You can now proceed to set up your sync settings and transfer data from Xero into Legrand Cloud CRM.

Define the Sync Settings

A ‘Xero’ module should appear in the menu once you successfully connect Legrand Cloud CRM with Xero. Go to the Xero module and click ‘Sync Settings’ on the left sidebar to specify the sync settings.

NOTE: A valid customer in Xero can exist without a Contact Name or Company Name. However, the minimum requirements to successfully sync customers into Legrand Cloud CRM include a Company Name and a contact’s Last Name.

Direction of data transfers, sync frequency and suppliers

The default settings for data transfers are from Xero to Legrand Cloud CRM. However, you can change the direction to transfer data from Legrand CRM to Xero. You can also specify the sync frequency and decide whether you want to import suppliers into Legrand Cloud CRM.

Specify your sync settings and then click ‘Save Settings’.

How to Import Xero Customers & Sales Transactions into Legrand Cloud CRM

Once you define your sync settings, click the ‘Sync’ tab available on the left sidebar. The sync function imports customers from Xero and sales transactions into Legrand Cloud CRM.

Depending on the number of requests in the queue, your sync request may take between 3 to 10 minutes. You can continue to use Legrand Cloud CRM while the sync request runs in the background. 

Once the sync process is complete, click ‘View Log’ and select the refresh icon to check if the contacts and sales transactions have synced.

Xero Sales Transactions in Legrand Cloud CRM

Once you sync data into Legrand Cloud CRM, you can view sales transactions for every customer and open detailed invoices. Select the company or contact record and expand the ‘Xero’ tab to view transactions. Click ‘Get Latest Transactions’ to retrieve the latest sales transactions and select the search icon on the right to view details.

Sync logs

The sync log provides details on every sync operation in Legrand Cloud CRM.

Click ‘View Log’ and select the refresh icon to see the full details.

You can also view a list of all customer transactions in the sales log. Click ‘View Sales’ to view sales transactions from Xero in Legrand Cloud CRM.

How to transfer Contacts from Legrand Cloud CRM into Xero

Go to the Contacts module and select the contact. In the list of ‘Actions’, click ‘Create in Xero’ and ‘OK’ to confirm.

How to open a customer record in Xero from Legrand Cloud CRM

When you import customer records into Legrand Cloud CRM, you can open the customer record in Xero from your CRM.

Go to the Contacts module, select the contact and click ‘Open in Xero’ in the ‘Actions’ sidebar.

How to disconnect Xero from Legrand Cloud CRM

Click on the Settings icon to open the administration panel and select ‘Accounting Link’ or click the Xero module in the top menu.

Select ‘Click here to Disconnect’.

Updated on 12 June 2024
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