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How to record an activity note

Activity notes store information about customer interactions such as meetings, phone calls and emails using activity notes. In Legrand CRM, you can record activity notes related to a sales opportunity. For example, you may contact the prospect to discuss the pricing. 

Select the opportunity record from the sales pipeline to record a sales-related activity note.

Navigate to the quick access tabs on the right and click on the plus icon next to ‘Activities’.

Enter the details about the activity and click ‘Save’.

Enter a summary about the activity, record the time and date, and specify the activity type. The ‘Type’ field is configurable to suit your business needs. Click on the green icon to define the activity types such as a phone call, meeting notes or email. 

Use tags to highlight important meeting notes and store any additional notes in the text field below. You can also attach files or insert a picture in the activity note. 

Updated on 2 November 2022

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