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How to delete duplicate tags

Before you delete the duplicate tag, we recommend you rename one of the tags to distinguish them and ensure no records are in the list.

1. Rename the duplicate tag

Select a company or contact (preferably without a tag) and click ‘Add/Remove Tags’.

NOTE: Tags in the Companies module are separate from the Contacts module. Go to the Companies module to edit company tags or the Contacts module to edit contact tags.

Click on the ‘edit’ icon and enter a name for the duplicate tag. Click ‘Save’ and exit.

2. Check for records in the duplicate list

Go to the Companies or Contacts module and select ‘More Options…’. Use the filter and select the duplicate tag to check if there are any records in the list.

If there are records in the list, go to the next step to assign the correct tag to the companies/contacts.

If there are no records in the list, proceed to step 5 to delete the duplicate tag.

3. Bulk assign the correct tag

Select ‘Add Tags’ to bulk-assign the correct tag to the records.

Select the tag and click ‘Save’.

4. Bulk remove the duplicate tag from any records

After you assign the correct tag, click ‘Remove Tags’ to bulk-remove the duplicate one.

Select the tag you want to remove and click ‘Save’.

Refresh the page to ensure no records are left in the list and proceed to the next step.

5. Delete duplicate tag

Select any company or contact and click ‘Add/Remove Tags’.

Click on the ‘Delete’ icon next to the duplicate tag. Click ‘Ok’ to confirm and exit.

Updated on 12 June 2024
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