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How to configure module names

The Modules (tabs) across the top of the page can be changed to meet your unique business requirements. For instance, some companies prefer ‘sales pipeline’ to ‘opportunities’. A non-profit might prefer to use ‘donors’ instead of ‘contacts’. Many prefer ‘customers’ to ‘contacts’. Whatever language is specific to your company, it is easy to configure your Legrand CRM to reflect it.

To change the Legrand module names, go to the administration panel. Under the header ‘Settings’ click on ‘Module Names’

Select ‘Specify Module Names’ and type in the new module names. In the text fields (singular and plural). For example, the Companies module can be renamed to ‘Accounts’, as such, each company record will be referred to as an ‘Account’. 

At the top of the page, you will now see that the module names have changed.

You can change back to the default names by selecting ‘Use default names’ or rename the modules.

Updated on 7 September 2022

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