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How to record an activity note

Every time you interact with a Company or a Contact, you should create an Activity Note. Each Activity Note can be sorted by an activity ‘Type’ to generate useful reporting to understand what type of activities your staff is completing. 

To quickly add an activity note, click on ‘+’ to the right of Activities on the upper right corner of the screen.

It is useful to plan the drop-down menus so you can define the different types of activities, such as ‘Phone Call’, ‘Site Visit’, ‘Client Meeting’, ‘Proposal’, and report on them in the future. For example, a ‘Web Lead’ activity type could be assigned to every lead that comes in through your website via email. With this information it is quick and easy to run a report tracking how many Web Leads have come in during a defined time period.  

Proper planning of Activity Types will help you run reports that are meaningful. It is important to note that the planning and reporting is not internal to CRM. Legrand Cloud CRM provides you the facility to report on core fields, custom fields and types and export the raw data to Excel. 

From there you can create an Excel dashboard that will use the raw data and present it in a more meaningful way.

Updated on 5 December 2022

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