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Tag is a label given to a contact or company, in order to group them together for fast retrieval. Typical examples for tags are Newsletter, Webinar Attendee, Tier-1 Customer, Product B, etc.Assigning Tags is an easy way to organize and classify your ‘Companies’ and ‘Contacts’ into specific lists. 
A separate set of Tags can be created for both ‘Companies’ and ‘Contacts’ and there is no limit to how many Tags you can define or how many can be assigned to each ‘Company’ or ‘Contact’. 
For example, if you want to find all the people who attended a webinar simply create a “Webinar” Tag, assign it to the appropriate contacts, click on that tag within the CRM and a list of all the webinar attendees will be generated.

If you are looking to quickly group contacts into a list, a tag will work best. However, if you want to use the information in e-mail merges and reporting, custom fields will be more suitable.
 For more information about custom fields, click here.

In the Contacts search screen, see screenshot below, the right-hand side shows a list of all assigned Tags and the number of contacts in each list.

Simply clicking on any of the Tags will compute a search with the tag as the criteria, producing a complete list of all your companies or contacts that are assigned to that unique tag.

How to assign a tag to a single Contact or Company: 

  1. Drill-down into a contact/company.
  2. Click on Add/Remove Tags
  3. Click on Add New Tag, type in the name of the new tag, then click Save.
  • 4. Click on the blue arrow to assign a created tag to the selected contact/company.
  • 5. Click Save to apply the changes.

    How to assign a tag for multiple Contacts/Companies: 

How to assign a tag for multiple Contacts/Companies: 

  1.  Navigate to the contacts/companies search screen.
  2. Filter your search list using the search criteria.
  3. Click on Add Tags and select the tags you want to assign. This will assign the selected tag(s) to all the contacts/companies in the search list.
  1. Click Save to apply changes.

Editing Tags: With the appropriate User Permissions you can add, rename and delete Tag definitions.  If a Tag is deleted it will remove it from every company or contact it was assigned too.  It is highly recommended that only one or two administrators be given permissions to add/edit Tag definitions.

Updated on 2 November 2022

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