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Navigating Legrand Cloud CRM

When you first log into Legrand Cloud CRM, you will see the Snapshot module. The Snapshot module provides an overview of all your recent CRM activities. You can get a quick view of upcoming calendar events, tasks that are due and active opportunities assigned to you. Depending on user permissions, you can also view your team member’s recent activity. Select the headings in the menu bar at the of the screen to navigate to a different module. When you integrate Legrand Cloud CRM with a supported accounting system, an accounting tab should also be visible in the menu.

The Calendar, Tasks, and Opportunities panels provide additional details about recent CRM activities. Click on each section to expand or collapse the panels. You can also drag and drop the panels to rearrange the order.

The Snapshot funnel provides a quick view of active opportunities by stage. Use the filters to view opportunities by the assigned manager and sort by value or volume. 

On the top right hand of the page, you can find your account name, account number and user name. You will need to know your account number when you connect Legrand Cloud CRM to your Gmail or Outlook account via the add-in tools. 

Click on the gear icon to access your account and user preference settings. 

The question mark icon will take you to our online support and download links for the Gmail extension and Outlook add-in.

Updated on 7 September 2022

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