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How to use filters & advanced search

View Opportunities by the assigned manager or sort by Volume and Value. Use the ‘Opportunity Pipeline’ drop-down filter to view opportunities assigned to other team members. Type in the text fields to search for specific opportunities. Click on the tab ‘More Options’ for advanced search results. You can also search for Active or Closed opportunities and other values as well. 

Click Advanced Search’ to define your own advanced search criteria. In the ‘Custom Search’ window, you can define your advanced search criteria using Opportunity Fields, Company Fields and/or Company Tags. Use the drop down fields to select a Field Name, Condition and/or Value then click Add to List’

After you defined your search criteria, type in a Search Name and click Save’. The parameters you have defined in your advanced search criteria will be saved for future use. Alternatively, you can click on Execute’ to perform the advanced search without saving the search criteria. 

Simply click on Saved Search’ in the main module screen and click on the Search Name you specified. The result list should automatically appear at the bottom of the module.

Updated on 2 November 2022

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