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How to sync calendar events to Outlook

The Legrand CRM Outlook add-in is a key tool for maximum productivity. Our Outlook integration enables you to sync calendar events between your CRM and Outlook calendar. Click here to download and install the Legrand CRM Outlook add-in. After you install the Outlook add-in, go to your settings and select ‘Calendar Settings’

You can set up an automatic sync process that syncs your calendar every 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can specify the settings to sync your calendar manually. Select one of the sync options and click ‘Save’

If you want to sync manually, go back to the settings and click ‘Manual Calendar Sync’. A pop-up message will appear to confirm once the calendars successfully sync. 

View a detailed guide on how to install and set up Legrand CRM Outlook add-in here.

Updated on 5 December 2022
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