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How to enter job into LCRM timesheet

After you complete a job, the billable time spent on the job is entered into a time sheet in Legrand Cloud CRM and can be exported to QuickBooks Online, Xero or MYOB AccountRight. Navigate to Legrand Cloud CRM’s ‘Timesheet’ module and select ‘Timesheet Entry’ to view billable time spent on all jobs.

The completed jobs and job tasks should automatically display in the Timesheet module. To manually add a new time record click ‘Add Time Record’ and use the search tools to link the client, service item and job record. Once you link a record, click the checkbox ‘billable’ and enter the hours spent on the job into the timesheet.

After you enter the details into your timesheet, navigate to the Legrand Cloud CRM Timesheet module and select ‘Timesheet Report’. Once you integrate Legrand Cloud CRM with a supported accounting system, you can export your time sheet report. 

View our guide on Accounting Integrations to find out more on how to integrate QuickBooks Online, Xero or MYOB AccountRight with Legrand Cloud CRM. 

Updated on 2 November 2022

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