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Gmail Integration

The Legrand CRM Google Chrome extension for Gmail is a great productivity tool! It provides a CRM panel inside Gmail which enables you to transfer emails, view recent contact history, add activity notes and create new opportunities all within your Gmail inbox.

How to download and setup the Legrand CRM extension:

Click this link to access the Legrand CRM Gmail add-in in the Chrome Web Store, click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button…

Legrand CRM will be accessing your data in Gmail. Legrand CRM requires you to confirm that this is correct to ensure access protection of your data. To continue, please click Add Extension.

Please sign into Gmail and the Legrand CRM panel should be visible.

Click Sign In and enter your Legrand CRM login details to get started! These are the same details you use to login to Legrand CRM.

Note: Your User ID is the email address you use to login to Legrand CRM.
Your Account ID is the 5 digit number which can be found at the top of the Legrand CRM screen when logged in.

Congratulations! Legrand CRM and Gmail are now connected!

Using Legrand Gmail extension with a non-existent CRM contact:

When you view an email in Gmail from someone who is not a contact in your CRM, you will be presented with 3 basic options.

  1.  This will create a new company and/or contact on the fly.
  2. This will associate their email address to an existent contact in the CRM and transfer the email
  3. This will transfer the email to an existing contact in the CRM without associating the Gmail address of the sender to a contact in the CRM.

Using Legrand Gmail extension with an existing CRM contact:

When you view an email in Gmail that is from a contact who already exists in your Legrand CRM, the CRM panel will display the CRM information for that contact including recent activity notes, tasks, calendar appointments and opportunities.

From the CRM panel, you can add new task, activity note or opportunity records by clicking the plus symbol.

The gear icon is your settings menu. From here you can logout of the Legrand Gmail extension.

Calendar appointments are shown in this screen but any editing of calendar events must be done Google Calendar, or from the calendar tab in Legrand CRM. 

For more information on how to setup the Calendar sync, click here.

To transfer the selected email to your CRM click on the mail symbol and you will have 2 options:

  1. Quick Transfer: Transfers the email to the contact as an activity note using the email subject as the activity note title. For example, if the email was named “Re: Follow Up”, the email would appear in Legrand CRM as an activity note named “Re: Follow Up”.
  2. Advanced Transfer: Allows you to the subject of the activity note, assign the email to a different contact/more than one contact, and link the email to an existing opportunity in your CRM.

Google Calendar

Within Google Calendar you have the ability to create and manage multiple calendars. Once successfully connected, the Legrand CRM Gmail extension creates a Legrand CRM calendar in Google Calendar and it is the only calendar that will sync with Cloud CRM.

When you push “Calendar Sync” in the Gmail Extension, the event will transfer from Legrand Cloud CRM to Google Calendar. 

Updated on 2 November 2022

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