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Contacts Module Overview

When you select an individual, you will notice that a contact profile is very similar to a company profile. The standard fields store contact information such as title, phone numbers, addresses, and emails. 

The summary information in the upper right corner provides a view of the two most recent Activities, Tasks, Calendar Events, Opportunities, and Jobs that have occurred between your staff and the selected Contact. 

You can rearrange these headings to view them in the way that best suits you by clicking on the title bars and dragging each pane into the preferred position.

If there are multiple contacts for a Company, you may choose one contact as the Primary Contact. 

The Accounting Contact is the person linked to your Accounting Platform.

Scroll to the bottom of the Contact Record to view the History Pane. The data is segmented by Activity Notes, Calendar Events, Tasks and Opportunities. 

You can easily see which staff members have had interactions with the Contact. 

If you are searching for particular information, it is helpful to filter the list of Activities by selecting an Activity Type from the dropdown.

Updated on 2 November 2022

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