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Companies Module Overview

Legrand Cloud CRM’s Companies module enables you to store information about each company you do business with. Using the Company List and Legrand CRM’s powerful search and filtering tools, you will be able to find account information with ease. A Legrand CRM Company record stores information such as Company Name, Contacts, Customer Type, Contact details, Addresses, Location and assigned Account Manager. Drill down into each Company record to view attached Documents, Activity Notes, Calendar events, Tasks and Opportunities related to the Company. 

Clicking on any part of these graphs will generate a list of companies that match the criteria created by you within ‘Company Type’. You can review all the accounts at the entire ‘Company Level’ or by individual ‘Staff Member’.

You can find a company by typing a partial name or under ‘Advanced Search’, where you can define complex searches that can include Standard Fields, Custom Fields and Tags. For searches performed frequently, it is a good idea to save these search criteria so they can be quickly recalled when required. 

At the top of the screen, core information that is stored about the company such as Company Name, phone number, address is displayed. A company can have a Company Name and a Business Name (e.g. DBA). It is also helpful to segment ‘Companies’ by ‘Type’ so you can run quick searches by ‘Lead’, ‘Customer’, ‘Supplier’ etc. to name just a few categories. Company ‘Type’ is configured by you. 

See the graphic below which provides step-by-step directions on how to create Company Types.

Updated on 2 November 2022

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